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Plan your visit to Data Center Nation Milan 2023

With 1,400 pre-registered participants and 90+ sponsors, DCN Milan 2023 will be the largest event ever held in Italy for the Data Center ecosystem. DATA for MED will sponsor the 2023 edition of Data Center Nation Milan with an exhibition stand and a dedicated session, together with DBA PRO and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, [...]

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Join DATA for MED and Hewlett Packard Enterprise session at Data Center Nation Milan 2023 to discover more about High Performance Computing and Liquid Cooling Technologies.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, demand for low-latency data from advanced technologies such as gaming, telemedicine, video streaming, and factory automation continues to grow. However, in Italy, the majority of state-of-the-art data centers are located in the north-west, leaving southern Italy with little to no infrastructure to support these demands. The DATA [...]

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